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Lessees can and do manage competently and successfully their own company. They, therefore, make a direct saving on the fees a company such us ours charge. They are still restricted by the duties that they have to the lessees and the terms of the lease on their property. Therefore, you will not necessarily receive greater freedom to manage by carrying out the function yourselves. It should also be borne in mind that the management is an ongoing and long term commitment. What would happen if a key person decided to move?


The benefits of using a professional management company should be weighed against the fees charged by them. A professional managing agent, like HMS, will be completely independent and any disputes that arise will be handled and treated without any personal or private interests being involved. Matters such as debt collection can often be unpleasant and embarrassing for the individuals concerned. Such matters will be removed by utilising us.


We will be acting for the benefit of all of the lessees. We will act for you instead of you acting for yourself.


Our tailor made service will ensure that we will be providing the very best service. We are pro-active and, hence, we will adapt to changing situations wherever required. We believe that by being open and transparent in all of our dealings with you, you will have a large say in how your property is managed. The property will not manage itself and we have the required skills to ensure it will be managed in a fit and proper manner for all concerned. After all, this is your home or a major investment and you should expect the very best to go with it.


Many apartments/flats under management are sub-let. Unlike some of our competitors we are happy to receive queries from tenants in respect of your property. Matters that do not involve us will then be passed on directly to either you or the appropriate letting agents. We believe that by taking this approach we will be able to act upon information that may be provided sooner rather than later. The benefit is possibly eradicating delay and perhaps expense to you.


By appointing HMS as managing agent:


-      You will acquire a service which is convenient, professional and independent,

-      We will provide a transparent fee basis for the provision of our services and confirm all agreements in writing (a set of Terms of Business will be tailored to suit your precise requirements),

-      Information and support is always available by telephone or email,

-      We have a thorough knowledge of the relevant rules and regulations affecting your property,

-      We can be on the scene promptly if circumstances dictate,

-      We remove from you the burden of work and the possibility of conflicts of interest giving you peace of mind,

-      You will save personal time knowing that key work has been delegated to a safe pair of hands,

-      Risk management will have been professionally outsourced,

-      You will remain in overall control but have trusted delegation operating on your behalf.


The keyword is 'Control'. By appointing HMS you delegate activities to a professional firm but you do not abdicate responsibility. HMS lives up to its motto by ensuring that you are professionally serviced and protected during the tenure of the contract.


HMS operates an advocate policy. If a lessee recommends our services to another apartment/flat management company and HMS is appointed as managing agent to that company we will pay the lessee £250 for the introduced lead. Quite simply the acquisition cost (marketing, lead generation, advertising etc) to acquire a new property to manage costs at least £250 so it is only right and proper that that sum is paid to a fellow client thus upholding our principle of integrity. 

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