Property Inspections

We will carry out inspections of the communal areas of your property, both inside and out. These inspections will be carried out approximately every 6 weeks and will be carried out at a variety of times during the day. This will also include evenings.


Our inspections are very thorough. We live in an increasingly litigious society, therefore, all aspects of health and safety are taken into consideration when we carry out these inspections. We will report inspections to you at an early opportunity in order that any defects that may need attention can be considered and, if deemed appropriate by you, made good. As a result of regular inspections we will be in a position to anticipate future problems. This will enable us to help keep expenditure to a minimum and will also ensure that a high standard of both safety and the aesthetics of your property are maintained.


Unlike you we do not see your property every day. Therefore, we actively encourage all lessees to report any issue as soon as possible. This will enable us to act upon any issue that arises sooner rather than later and thus, potentially, keep necessary expenditure to a minimum.


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