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HMS Property Management Services Limited provides management services to residential apartment/flat management companies formed on behalf of the lessees of those apartments/flats.


Lessees of such properties normally have their own full-time occupations and other pressures on their personal time.


Nevertheless a number of them will need to be directors of their own apartment/flat management company which has the responsibility of ensuring that all lessees are treated fairly, service charges are collected, insurance is maintained, fire regulations are adhered to, property is maintained etc. The list is quite long. The responsibilities of being a director of such an apartment/flat management company are onerous and many lessees may not wish to undertake such a task.


It is, however, possible to ease the burden of accepting such a responsible role. Key tasks can be delegated whilst overall control is retained.


Managing Agents


Delegation to a trustworthy property management company, to act in the capacity as Managing Agent, capable of removing the hassle from the lessees' apartment/flat management company is an enviable option for many lessee directors to follow. The problem is identifying which property management company (to act as Managing Agent) is a safe pair of hands for the directors to entrust the management of their property and to help them run their management company.


If such a property management company is found and appointed, all lessees, especially the lessee directors, will be comfortable because more lessees will be prepared to be appointed as directors, lessees become proud that their property is being managed correctly and a general sense of well being permeates the atmosphere within the property. Should an unfortunate event occur, such as a lessee not paying a service charge, the action that will need to be taken is not personal because it will be the appointed property management company (the Managing Agent – independent and detached) that undertakes all liaison with the non-compliant lessee.


Many directors may have had an unfortunate experience of property management companies purporting to be a Managing Agent but failing to provide the service that was promised. Service may have appeared non-existent, keys may have been lost, phone calls are not returned, no service standards exists, property inspections are not carried out and yet, fees are taken from the apartment/flat management company account without the directors express permission. Despite all of this, the directors remain responsible for all aspects of the property including the potential action or non-action by the appointed Managing Agent.




A Better Way


Directors will quite rightly conclude that there must be a better way.


There is - the Managing Agent services must be on hand all of the time and no longer than a maximum of two to three hours away from any client.


The service must be personal, exceptional and undertaken by staff who understand the law, insurance, property issues and financial service matters and who abide by an expected Code of Conduct. See 'Expected Conduct of a Managing Agent'.


HMS Property Management Services Limited ('HMS') is such a company. It is a company for discerning clients, offering exceptional service at competitive rates. Staff include a Solicitor, a Fellow of the Chartered Insurance Institute and a professionally qualified Operations Director.


HMS focuses solely on residential apartment/flat property management and does not dilute its services by being involved with other forms of property management.


The HMS motto is 'Service and Protection'.


Quite simply we offer a holistic property risk management service to the directors of residential apartment/flat management companies allowing them to retain overall control but ridding them of the onerous duties that need to be undertaken whilst providing them with continuous peace of mind.


The content of this website will guide you through all you need to know about HMS and what we can do to help you.


You may be left in no doubt that you need to make contact with us in which event the email facility under 'Contact Us' can be used but telephone and address details are also provided.


We hope you will become both a satisfied client and an advocate of our services.

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